• Arwa Hanin Elrayess

Is Meghan the real victim? A lesson for life

Even though this issue is not nearly as important as the other world-wide conflicts I have covered, I believe it highlights an important message that many of us, young and old, seem to forget.

Everyone, regardless of their social status, wealth, religion or nationality, will face catastrophic hardships in their lives that will tear them to pieces.

Despite how ‘perfect’ or ‘glamorous’ someone’s life may seem; it is very likely that they suffer just as much as any of us.

Sometimes, the universe sends us little reminders of this fact, showing us that we are not alone in our distress, even though it may seem that way.

A perfect example of this is the recent incident in the British Royal family.

After the constant battering, sexist remarks, racial slurs and unbelievable claims made against Meghan Markle by the British Media, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry announced that they were stepping back as 'senior' members of the Royal Family, creating nation-wide unrest and confusion.

But this should come as no surprise; it was bound to happen.

The royal life could not be further from the ‘fairy-tale’ cliché we were raised to believe, and after the death of Princess Diana, it was made obvious that it was nothing more than a hoax to maintain British culture and tourism.

The Royals have long married those from a similar upbringing, not because it would be shameful for them to marry otherwise, but because these individuals would have likely experienced a similar lifestyle to that of the Royal family, making it easier for them to adjust to the attention, stress and burdens of marrying a royal.

Meghan, however, was never exposed to this lifestyle. She was never prepared.

Which raises the question: why did she willingly step into the Royal family, and why did so many of us support her decision?

Surely Meghan would have realized that the royal life was not one she would adapt to and, considering she was an actress, would’ve understood the attention that comes with the job, and whether she’d be able to handle it.

But ultimately, regardless of Meghan’s intentions, she was still thrown into an unbearable situation, where her whole life was exploited and turned into an emotional feast that the British Media craved and abused.

Frankly, however, we should not be blaming the Royal family’s assumed ‘toxicity’ and the British media’s attention for the decision made by Meghan and Harry.

We only have ourselves- and our naivety- to blame.

Our desperation to watch someone else live a ‘perfect life’ made us forget that the world is far more black and white.

It will throw hurdle after hurdle, regardless of the high hopes we have, and the ‘perfect picture’ we paint.

But this article was not written to play the blame game, it was written to determine who will suffer the most- because it certainly won’t be Meghan.

Who are the real victims?

Despite popular belief, Meghan came out of this situation relatively victorious.

Through being Duchess, she has gained more fame and attention than ever before and will continue to receive more opportunities in every aspect of the industry.

Even if the Royal Family were to cut their funding from the couple, Meghan would still find a job and live comfortably- she was raised in the working world, after all.

The same cannot be said about Harry; he is the true victim here.

Raised knowing nothing but royal life, Harry will struggle settling into the working world.

His skills are composed of those needed to be a Royal, not a working-class citizen.

The Royal family will also be negatively affected. Meghan and Harry’s departure is a loss to the Windsor family during an unstable time (see: Brexit, the scandal of Prince Andrew's friendship with and defense of Jeffrey Epstein, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s waning health).

Harry was also the second-most popular royal and a key figure in the family’s global brand. Additionally, the family would be losing what Meghan had to offer: a modern, more progressive image to associate with the monarchy, which certainly would have improved their international reputation.

As we can see, all aspects of the Royal Family are likely to suffer due to this decision, yet, the majority of us will still choose to compare our lives with their presumed 'happiness' and 'success.'

We will continue to disregard the bigger picture because we are so caught up in the ‘fairy tales,’ ‘stereotypes’ and ‘clichés.’

Social media has long acted as a platform for constant comparison, but the people we admire rarely display the hardships of their lives, leading us into a trap of self-pity and discontent.

We want to believe that there is a perfect life out there when there clearly is not.

We should not let the images and videos fool us. We all have our issues, especially those living the most glamorous of lives.

So, instead of wishing for someone else’s life, we should be thankful for our own.

We should be proud of our achievements, regardless of how they compare to others. And most importantly, we should remember that social media is no place for truth or transparency.

The only way we, as teenagers, will find true happiness is if we halt our self-criticism, look inside, and find the true beauty in our flaws.

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